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Flowers completely changed the trajectory of my life. I spent over a decade building a career in shipbuilding for our armed forces. I worked tirelessly to climb the corporate ladder only to realize, when I reached the top, that I was unfulfilled.


Aesthetics are a huge part of who I am. My home, my garden, and my life are built around intention and beauty. This flower journey began when I discovered the world of flower farming. My wife, TerriLynn, and I own and operate a micro flower farm, Haven Flower Farm, located 45 minutes outside of New Orleans, LA. It turns out that I am a farmer, a creator and a floral artist; not a shipbuilder. I found so much joy in both cultivating a garden and harvesting flowers to arrange with. Over the years I have carved out our niche to design and built a name and a brand as Haven Flower Farm.


When Haven got its start we did it all: weddings, events, local retail sales, farmer’s markets, etc. Our local community is faithful and always eager to get their hands on our farm grown flowers. Although Haven is alive and well, I am taking the next big leap toward growth by separating our weddings and event business into this personal brand called, RGA Floral Atelier, a true representation of who I am. This brand represents the boundless opportunities that floral art has given me. Now, I get to share that with you.


Welcome to the forefront of floral mastery – where the extraordinary becomes routine. At RGA Floral Atelier, working with us isn't just about arranging flowers; it's about embarking on a collaborative journey infused with warmth and creativity. When I look through our portfolio of weddings and events over the years I see bold use of color, couples who want to make a statement, asymmetry, installations that defy gravity, use of sultry textures, and designs that leave guests speechless. RGA Floral Atelier is every one of those things but also a baseline for new visions and even more daring opportunities.

Our clients gravitate towards unique shapes, hone in on the details, trust our creative process, and know that we fully understand and will execute their vision. From the initial consultation to the final flourish, we prioritize understanding your vision, ensuring that every arrangement reflects your unique story and personality.

When you choose RGA Floral Atelier, you're not just selecting a florist – you're entering a realm of endless opportunity and boundless creativity. We see you, we hear you, and we understand you. Through our flowers, we aim to illuminate the beauty of your story for all to behold.

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